The Crew's Collaborative Vocabulary List

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a word - definition
abated - decrease in intensity as in a storm
acknowledge - to admit as true
acutely - extremely
adversity - hardship or misfortune
agog - eager
albeit - although, even though
apparition - ghost
apprehensive - anxious, nervous, fearful
appease - pacify, satisfy
atolls - islands
atonement - the act of making up for a wrong
audacity - boldness
avenging - revenge, retaliation


ballast - heavy objects to balance or stabilize a ship
becalm - motionless by lack of wind
beguiling - to trick
beset - troubles
betokened - evidence, showed
blatant - on purpose, deliberate
blithely - glad
bow - forward part of a ship
brawny - strong
brig - jail
bulwark - the sides of the ship above the deck


capsizing - overturn
cargo - goods on a ship
caucus - survey of opinion, to poll
cavern - cave
cease - stop
censure - blame
chaos - disorder
chastened - punished or disciplined
commendation - praise
commence - start
commerce - trades with business
compel - make do against will
compliance - agreement
complicity - working together, functioning
conceal - to hide something such as guns or round robin
congenial - agreeable, pleasant
construed - get the meaning
consolation - comfort
contemplate - think
contemptuously - mad
copiously - abundant
countenance - face
crimson - red
crude - rough


decorum - proper behavior
depart - leave
demise - death
derision - ridicule, mock such as Captain J at Charlotte
dexterous - flexible or good with hands, such as learning to use a knife
din - noise
dirk - knife
disdainfully - to hate
dismay - a sickening feeling
dispute - fight, argument
docile - calm, easily taught or managed


ebb - flow back, as in a tide or wave
equanimity - composure
esteemed - respected
exasperation - irritated
exhilaration - joy or thrill


fidget - wiggle nervously
flushed - blush or ruddy
fortnight - two weeks or fourteen days


garb - clothing, appearance
gesticulated - to wave, to motion, gesture with hands
grotesque - ugly, gross
gunwales - side of a boat


hangdog - guilty
hardtack - sailor's bread
helm - wheel of a ship for steering
holystone - a sandstone used to scrub the deck of a ship
hostile - hate
hubbub - turmoil or uproar
hull - frame of the boat
humiliation - embarrass


impeding - interfere
improbable - not likely
impertinence - rudeness, disrepect, rude
implacable - unable to be changed
indignation - with anger
intact - whole, did not break
intoxicating - drunk


Jonah - Bible story - Jonah was swallowed by a whale


keel - to tilt to one side, list
keelhauling - haul under the keel of a ship as punishment


laconically - brief, short, terse
litany - lengthy recitation of rules or prayers
loathsome - extreme dislike

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maelstrom - whirlpool or violent swirling liquid
malicious - mean, bad
marlinspikes - tool to separate rope
mast - a pole structure of the riggings of a ship
menacing - to threaten or warn
momentous - very important
moor - to tie up or anchor
morality - right behavior, code of ethics, how you act
morosely - sadly
musket - gun
mutiny - uprising, rebellion, when a crew takes over a ship


nausea - seasick
niche - space in the wall


oakum - caulk on a ship, put between the boards of the deck
ominous - evil, threatening


palpable - obvious, tangible
peer - an equal to you
permeated - saturated
perpetual - always
perplexed - confused
pervasive - everywhere
petition - a request
pinion - to restrain, or to hold as in Zachariah whe he was whipped by Captain J
plunge - to submerge or dive
port - left side of the ship
posture - how one stands or holds themselves
presumptuous - fresh, rude
principles - code of conduct
promenade - a walk
punctilious - fussy, everything has to be in order


quarrel - argument
quay - a warf
quell - to crush or hold back, as in the Captain stopping the mutiny


rebuff - to snub or reject
rebuke - scold or reprimand
recollect - remember
reefed sail - a sail that is tied up
refrain - to do without
repetition - to repeat
reprieve - relief, to pause, a gap, a suspension
restitution - make things right again
reticule - a drawstring bag
retorted - to reply
round robin - a pact or agreement signed in a circle, so that there is not first or last on a list
rudder - flap at rear of ship for steering
ruination - destruction


sardonically - mocking
scrimshaw - whale bone
scrutiny - inspection or examination as in Captain J always watching Charlotte's actions
scuttlebut - gossip
slanderous - false and damaging to one's reputation, mean gossip
square rigged - sails fastened at center
shirk - avoid
skeptical - doubtful, incredulous
starboard - right side of ship
stern - rear end of ship
stout - large, fat
succumbing - to be defeated, did not win
sullen - gloomy, sad
supplication - pleading
surging - to move in waves
surmise - to guess
sustain - keep, maintain
swoon - faint, light headed


taut - tight
timid - shy
transpire - to come to be or to happen
trepidation - fear
trump - final deciding factor


undulating - wavelike motion
unimpeachable - blameless
untoward - difficult, troublesome


vague - unclear
vermin - bugs
vexation - frustrated
vigilant - alert or watchful


waning - dimming
wrath - anger