Dog Video

Instructional Design

Group One: Jennie Brotman, Rachel Connolly and Sharon Mistretta

Characteristics of Instructional Design (Trends and Issues of Instructional Design, pg. 13)

1. Instructional design is learner centered.
2. Instructional design is goal oriented.
3. Instructional design focuese on meaningful performance.
4. Instructional design assumes outcomes can be measured in a reliable and valid way.
5. Instructinal design is empirical, iterative, and self-correcting.
6. Instructional desgn typically is a team effort.

Challenge One:
1. What is good and bad about the father's instruction?
2. How would you improve it?

pinblue_md_clr_me.gif If ID is learner centered, then the father could have given the book about dogs to Ashley on their next trip to the park. She could then look up the dogs that she observed and read about the breed to construct her learning.