constellation_bootes_md_blk.gifConstellation Mettle! What do you know about Constellations?


==Multiple Choice==
1. What are constellations?
(A) Groups of stars seen together
(B) Imaginary pictures made by gorups of stars
(C) 88 different groups of stars
(D) All of the above

2. Some historians believe that:
(A) The stories were made up because the constellations foretold the future.
(B) The stories were made up to help farmers remember them.
(C) The stories were true

3. What two things determine where the constellations are seen in the sky?
(A) The observer's location and the time of the year
(B) The luck of the observer
(C) What will happen in the future and what happened in the past

4. The constellation stories were made up by the ancient Greeks.
(A) True
(B) False

5. How many constellations are recognized today?
(A) 188
(B) 880
(C) 88

6. It is useful to know about the Big Dipper because:
(A) It can help you to know when to plant crops
(B) It can help you find the direction of north
(C) It can help you find the direction of south

7. The two stars called Pointers in the Big Dipper are:
(A) In the handle of the dipper
(B) The front of the dipper
(C) Pointing to the North Star
(D) Both B and C

8. Most cultures made up stories about the constellations
(A) False
(B) True