June 6, 2006 by Sharon Mistretta

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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi

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Lesson Objectives:

Thinking Skill/Process
Teams will read the book The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi.
Teams will learn how to solve problems through the process of identifying the problem, coming up with possible solutions, and choosing the best option based on group discussion.
Teams of students will apply a thinking map to guide their reflections on the assigned reading.
Teams will learn the steps to editing a wiki.
Teams will identify and analyze Charlotte's problems throughout her voyage from England to Providence, R.I.
Teams will maintain the wiki for this unit with their classmates in a collaborative effort.
Teams will discuss the issues of personal safety.

Problem Solving Thinking Map:
Derived from the National Center for Teaching Thinking www.nctt.net

Why is there a problem?
What is the problem?
What are the possible solutions to the problem?
What would happen if you solved the problem in each of these ways?
What is the best solution to the problem?

First Assignment: Read Chapters 1 to 8 of the book.

Discussion: The main focus of our discussions of The True Confession of Charlotte Doyle by Avi will center on identifying the numerous problems that Charlotte is faced with during and after her voyage from England to Providence, R.I.
In order to facilitate our project, I have organized the class into teams. In keeping with our nautical theme, I have named the teams according to the “watches” on a ship. A watch is a team that shares work on a ship. The teams on a ship were broken up into time periods according to the time of day.

Our six teams will be called Mid Watch, Morning Watch, Forenoon Watch, Afternoon Watch, First Dog Watch, Second Dog Watch and Night Watch.

This is the beauty of a wiki. Click on your assigned team name to visit your team wiki page. Begin to discuss the problem that you are presented with on your wiki page. Follow the next instructions on your team wiki page. Enjoy your voyage!

Nautical Nomenclature: