[s][h][a][r][e] etiquette

October 20, 2006 by Sharon Mistretta
Welcome Class! Let's share some guidelines concerning wiki etiquette:

0. Learn to Lock! Read the logical lock page to learn how to lock the wiki so that you can reserve the wiki for your editing. Remember to unlock when you are done!

1. Respect each other's work. The wiki is a collaborative learning environment. If your team member has added a reflection to your team's page, respect their opinion. It is up to you as team members to discuss the problems presented in the lesson and reach a consensus. Any time you see a word highlighted, that means that there is a hyperlink to an internal (within the wiki) or external (on the world wide web) page. Click on the link if you would like to learn more about the hightlighted word. Since this wiki does not have the capacity to open the link in its own browser window, you must click in the back arrow to return to this page.

2. Save often. If you navigate away from a page during an edit without saving, you will lose your work. This web software does not save periodically, as does Microsoft Word. After entering a paragraph of data, SAVE!

3. Read. This is a literature unit. If you are not completing your assigned readings, you will not be able to substantiate your opinion based upon events that happen in the book you have been assigned. You owe it to yourself and your team to actually read the assigned chapters. Try to understand what is happening in the book. If you do not understand an event in a chapter, discuss this with your team. If your entire team does not understand an event, please ask me for a clarification.
You might not be the only student who doesn't understand an event and your question will help others. We will be discussing the assignments as a crew once your watch (literature wiki) or region (immigration wiki) gives their status report.

4. Share responsibility. Your entire team has the responsibility of editing and maintaining the integrity of your wiki page. Please accept the ownership of this page from me. This is not my wiki, it is yours. Feel free to add hyperlinks to definitions of words. Here is the link to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. The link to this dictionary has been placed in the Navigation Bar which is on the left of every [s][h][a][r][e] wiki page. Here is how to add an external link within your wiki to a Merriam-Webster dictionary entry:
a. Save your wiki edit
b. Get back into your wiki page by clicking edit.
c. Navigate to the dictionary. This can be done by clicking on the link that appears in the left hand column of every wiki page marked Online Dictionary.
d. Enter a word in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary box and click on the Go button. The dictionary will display the defintion of the word that you entered.
e. Right click on the address of your dictionary page which appears in the Address row of your browser's header at the top of the page. This will highlight the address. If the address is not highlighted, then it will not be copied.
f. By right clicking on the address, a small window of options will appear. Click on the word "copy".
g.Click on the back button of your browser twice (this will have to be done twice - once to get back to the dictionary search page and once to return to your edit).
h. Highlight the word within your wiki text that you just looked up.
i. Click on the small icon of the wiki edit page which is a small globe with a link on it. If you place your cursor over this globe, you will see the words "Add Link". Click on the globe. It will bring you to a screen where you can add the link to the dictionary.
j. The word that you just highlighted within your wiki text will automatically be placed into the "Link Text" field. If your word is not there, click on cancel and repeat the highlight of the word that you want to create a link for.
k. Click on button for an external link. Please notice that the wiki will provide the letters "http:" and the two slashes for you.
l. Move your cursor to the empty field next to the http field. Right click on this empty field. A small window of options will appear. Click on paste. The address that you just copied from the dictionary will be placed here. Make sure to remove the extra "http:" from the address that you just pasted into the address field. The wiki already provides the "http:" and the two slashes for you. You can do this by clicking on this field and pressing the left arrow on your keyboard which will bring you to the beginning of this address. Use the backspace to delete the http, the colon and the two slashes.
m. Click OK
n. Save your work
o. Test your new link which should now appear as highlighted text.

5. Completion of Assignments:
For the literature unit:
Once your watch has completed their lesson, edit the Plot Your Course wiki page and type the word "done" in the appropriate row and column of the chart provided. I will post my comments in the beginning of the lesson completed. Then, I will post your next assignment in the beginning of your watch page. I will provide a navigation bar with anchors to your prior lessons in it so that you do not have to scroll past prior lessons to get to your current lesson. Your current lesson will always be on the top of the page. It is your team's responsibility to navigate your way through the lessons and accompany Charlotte on her voyage.