[s][h][a][r][e] logical lock


Logical Lock: This wiki is currently being edited by (edit your name here) on (edit the date here) at (edit the time here).


A logical wiki lock is a tool that I use in a collaborative learning environment. Take a look at all of the [s][h][a][r][e] wikis listed in the Navigation section to the left of this wiki. I have set up a structure such that students and their teachers can collaborate in curriculum units of literature, social studies and science. Here is a procedure to follow when you are a contributing editor to a wiki:

IF the wiki is not locked by another editor,
THEN do the next four steps to achieve the goal of contributing your work:
1. Perform the edit lock procedure to contain your name, date and time and save the wiki
2. Copy and paste your edits from your word document into the wiki that you have reserved
3. Perform the edit unlock procedure to take your name, date and time out of the lock to be replaced by the default words of (name)(date)(time) and SAVE the wiki
4. Check that your edits have been properly saved and that the logical lock is now showing that you are no longer reserving the edit
Check back in a few minutes to see if the logical lock has been reset and
that the wiki is now available for editing.

It is within the realm of possibility that a prior editor has forgotten to edit the logical lock back to its original condition. In that case, a time limit of 20 minutes is established for any one editor to complete their edits. This should be a very adequate time period if the editor creates a word document and performs a copy and paste into their reserved wiki.

Otherwise, if a student or teacher observes that the wiki has been locked for more than 20 minutes, then the following procedure can be followed:

IF the wiki has been locked for more that twenty minutes
THEN perform the next courtesy steps:
1. Instant message the classmate/student/teacher either on the computer or cell phone to remind them to unlock their edit
2. If the classmate/student/teacher does not respond, then proceed with the edit sequence to lock the wiki with your name and edits.
ELSE (20 minutes has not been completed or the editor is not done)

Check back in a few minutes to see if the logical lock has been reset and that the wiki is now available for editing.

Here is an imagery representation of the flow of a logical lock: